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Almost every time I look to purchase a product online, I look for customer reviews. I’m guessing you do too! All I want is an unbiased opinion from somebody who has actually used the product. I don’t care if it’s a toothbrush or a new car, I want people to tell me like it is.

So can online reviews be trusted?

The truth, as always, isn’t simple. Some can be trusted, and some can’t. So now what? How do you tell the difference between a fake review and one by someone who actually purchased and used the product? Most sites that sell something online, whether it’s Amazon or heck, any online mattress retailer, has almost nothing to lose by posting fake reviews. Customers want to see them, and quite frankly it leads to sales, regardless of whether or not they are real. There as an interesting article in Forbes magazine a few years ago that addresses this very topic with Amazon!  Even though it was specifically talking about books, it can extend to any product sold on Amazon, or most any other retailer’s website.

One comment from the article: “Unfortunately, there is also no motivation for Amazon, or other online booksellers, to clean up their own acts. Amazon exists to sell stuff. They will only begin to care about this if it starts to threaten sales, despite the fact that they could, if they wanted to, make it much harder for people to fake reviews.

To prove our point that there are indeed fake Amazon reviews, check out this $150,000 TV (yes, I typed that correctly) for sale!  Just read the reviews for this item, as most of them are absolutely hilarious!  I also doubt anyone on planet earth has purchased this TV from Amazon.

So if there are so many fake reviews, how to I find the real one’s?

Thankfully, many large retailers like Amazon have started to show “Verified Purchase”, or “Verified Buyer” tags next to real reviews, from people that actually purchased that product.  You can see how this looks in Amazon here:

So what about smaller retail sites, like online mattress retailers?

While it’s easy to fake a review on Amazon (and there are a LOT of fakes, especially with newer companies just getting started), it’s pretty much impossible to fake the “Verified Purchase” tag on Amazon.  On smaller websites it still can remain a problem.  There unfortunately are very few safeguards against faking reviews on most sites.  Sites using services such as Power Reviews, which comes with a significant monthly cost to the retailer, can provide a level of assurance that they are legitimate.


Our best advice is to:

  • look for websites that use review services such as Power Reviews or Yotpo
  • if they sell on Amazon or similar shopping sites, only trust reviews marked “Verified Purchase” or similar
  • ask the retailer if you can contact or speak with previous customers if you are still unsure

These steps won’t solve every problem, but they can help you avoid the pitfalls of fake reviews!

So what is Pure Crafted Beds doing to provide verified reviews?

Quite simply, we have put a 3rd part, verified product review process in place.  Our reviews are handled by Yotpo.com.  Each time someone purchases from us, Yotpo will email them 30 days after purchase to ask for a review, which then gets posted directly to our website.  You will see the “Verified Buyer” tag next to all of our reviews, assuring you that Yotpo themselves handled this review!

Finally, we stand behind our products.  We offer a 45 night trial, and 12 year full guarantee on our mattresses.  People in Michigan have been sleeping better for almost 70 years when choosing our products, and we are excited to share them with the rest of the country!

If you have any questions, please contact us!