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EcoShield is the all-natural solution for allergy-inducing dust mites.

Every Pure Crafted Bed comes with our unique EcoShield cover.  Even if you don’t have allergies or bed bugs, its nice to know you never will.  It’s peace of mind for your family and guests!

The best part is, EcoShield is all-natural, and uses absolutely no artificial chemicals to protect your loved ones.  Safe, simple, and effective.

Geraniol, an all-natural plant extract, is the key!

Our EcoShield cover is infused with Geraniol, which is a plant extract that has strong anti-insect properties.  It is resistant to dust mites, bed bugs, mosquitos, and even moths.  In fact, it not only resists bed bugs and dust mites… it kills them!

If you are interested in learning more about EcoShield, including our list of FAQ’s, and actual test results carried out with LIVE bed bugs and dust mites, then continue scrolling down this page!

Bed Bugs are Nasty!

If you’ve ever dealt with a bed bug infestation, or suffered through their itchy little red bite marks, then you already knew that.  Nobody wants bed bugs, and absolutely nobody wants to deal with removing them.  The good news is, bed bugs simply cannot live on our EcoShield cover!

Some simple bed bug facts:

  • Bed bugs feed exclusively on blood, usually human blood.
  • Bed bug bites are typically not painful, but can cause rashes and allergic reactions.
  • Bed bugs are not known to carry pathogens or diseases.  (Whew!)
  • Bed bugs are very hard to kill, and harder to eradicate from a room entirely.
  • Bed bugs prefer slightly warm and moderately humid environments. (Sorry everyone down South!)

The results are in!

Independent laboratory testing conducted in Europe on EcoShield proves its effectiveness.  EcoShield and its all-natural ingredients have also been certified safe by the EPA in the United States.  See the results below for your yourself:

20 live adult bed bugs were placed on EcoShield fabric.  The number of live adult bed bugs was counted over different intervals up to 96 hours.  The test was repeated 3 separate times, and here is the average result:

# Alive # Dead
1 hour 20 0
4 hours 20 0
8 hours 20 0
24 hours 16 4
48 hours 9 11
72 hours 3 17
96 hours 0 20

T.E.C Test Result: WHO Protocol

So what did we learn?  After 96 hours, EcoShield kills 100% of bed bugs!

50 live dust mites were placed on EcoShield fabric.  The number of live dust mites was counted after 3 weeks, and after 6 weeks.  The test was repeated 4 times, and here are the average results:

# Alive # Dead
3 weeks 39 11
6 weeks 0 50

T.E.C Test Result: NF G 39-011

The test was also conducted with untreated fabric, and here are the amazing results:

# Alive # Dead
3 weeks 178 0
6 weeks 922 0

So what did we learn?  After 6 weeks, EcoShield killed 100% of dust mites!  Further, dust mite populations on untreated fabric can explode exponentially if not dealt with!

50 mosquitoes were placed into a test chamber with the EcoShield fabric, as well as untreated fabric.  The mosquitoes were observed to see which fabric they would land on.

An average of 2 mosquitoes out of 50 would land on the EcoShield fabric.  In comparison, an average of 48 mosquitoes would land on the untreated fabric.

So what did we learn?  That EcoShield will in fact help deter mosquitoes from coming near it!

20 adult moths, and 20 moth larvae (40 total organisms) were placed on EcoShield fabric.  The number of live adult and larvae moths was counted over different intervals up to 24 hours.  The test was repeated 4 separate times, and here is the average result:

# Alive # Dead
1 hour 40 0
4 hours 33 7
8 hours 19 21
24 hours 0 40

T.E.C Test Result

So what did we learn?  Within 24 hours, EcoShield kills 100% of moth adults and larvae!

EcoShield FAQ’s

Does EcoShield smell?

We have yet to receive a complaint about EcoShield smelling.  If you scratch the EcoShield cover and immediately place your nose on the fabric, some people can detect the faint pleasant scent of citrus.  This is the Geraniol plant extract!

Does the EcoShield protection wear off?

So far, long-term testing indicates that you will most likely replace your mattress before the EcoShield protection wears off.  The one thing that can accelerate this process is washing your mattress cover.  Testing shows that EcoShield protection dramatically reduces after 10 washing cycles.  It is worth noting that Pure Crafted Beds does NOT recommend removing and washing our mattress covers!

Will EcoShield work even if I have sheets, etc on my bed?

EcoShield is specifically designed to prevent bed bugs and dust mites from living on the mattress itself.  It is very possible that bed bugs could invade your sheets or mattress protector and still survive.  The same holds true for dust mites, although dust mites prefer the surface of your mattress!  The key is to wash your mattress protector and sheets frequently, and dry at high heat to kill any bed bugs or dust mites.  The key with EcoShield is that you never have to worry about your mattress harboring these little critters!

Should I still use a mattress protector?

Yes!  We always recommend using a high-quality mattress protector that’s breathable.  Try not to use the air-tight, zippered protectors that encase the mattress.  They simply aren’t necessary with EcoShield, and will prevent your mattress from breathing properly!