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Happy Sleepers

Being over 70 years old, we’ve literally helped tens of thousand of people get a restful night’s sleep.  Since starting our online store, we have started to get some pretty fantastic reviews from our customers!  Here are a few:

Being a former college football player, I have sustained my fair share of injuries over the years. Before getting a Pure Crafted Bed I used to wake up in the morning with back pain that would sometimes continue throughout the day. After two weeks of sleeping on the Pure Crafted Bed I no longer woke up with back pain, and have significantly fewer flare-ups after physical activity. I also toss and turn much less than I used to, leading to a deeper and more complete night’s sleep. Also, my wife works a lot of night shifts, and her getting into and out of bed rarely disturbs my sleep. I highly recommend Pure Crafted Beds for anyone looking for a new bed.

Luke P

The TruEssence mattress and adjustable base has done wonders for me during pregnancy. I am in my 2nd trimester and it is difficult for me to find a comfortable position to sleep in. With the adjustable base, I can now raise the head of my bed to take the pressure off of my stomach. I wish I had this for my first pregnancy which gave me terrible heartburn. I love that my husband and I can sleep in different positions but we have the option of syncing our beds if we wanted to. The mattress itself is extremely comfortable and I donÍt find myself tossing and turning as much as I did before. Thank you Pure Crafted Beds for making my nights more restful during pregnancy!

MaryAnn T

We had been searching for and researching foam mattresses and adjustable bases for months and months. This was the most frustrating and confusing purchase I have ever made. The total cost of these systems make a mistake very difficult to recover from. I knew that, for practical and hassle factor reasons, this purchase couldn’t be returned! We visited several furniture stores and tried out several different brands of foam mattresses and Sleep Number beds. We almost pulled the trigger several times on different name brand systems, including a Costco offering, but then always found a rating or review(s) about them that really turned us off. The two websites that were most valuable to me in my search were Sleep Like the Dead and The Mattress Underground. It was through the latter that I stumbled across Pure Crafted Beds. It’s a scary thing to purchase a bed on line, but we live in Michigan, so it was convenient to actually “try before you buy”. We met with the owner in the factory in Lansing, and were very impressed with his knowledge and honest, straightforward approach to explaining his product. We felt that the feel of the bed we ultimately purchased (TruEssence Firm) was similar to the Tempurpedic Weightless mattress. We also purchased the adjustable base Brio 60, which is a Leggett and Platt product. I knew from my research that Leggett & Platt is top notch in the industry. The customer service has been excellent. They went out of their way to insure the product was delivered when I requested it. We received exactly what we expected to receive, no surprises. Set up took about 1 hr by my husband and a helper. There has been no off gassing odor. The mattress doesn’t sleep hot or cold. We each got the firm mattress, but we could have each purchased one separately. We found the mattresses to be comfortable since night one, no break in period. The motors on the base (including the massage motors) are whisper quiet. In closure, we are very happy with our purchase of a split king adjustable bed. I feel Pure Crafted Beds will stand behind their product and if I ever do experience a problem, they will do whatever they can to resolve it. I definitely recommend these products and this company!

Debbie R

Wow! What a bed! I purchased the TruEssence Firm foam mattress over a month ago. I don’t usually put out reviews, but this is the best bed I have ever had. Usually, the first few nights on a new bed takes some time to adjust to it. When you suffer from chronic back pain, like I do, I just expected that I would not have a very restful first few nights. Boy was I surprised, I slept fantastic the whole night and every night after. To top it off, my back never aches at night! The other plus for this mattress, my sleep is never disrupted now when my husband moves or gets in and out of bed. Now for the customer service: all I can say is fantastic. The young men who delivered the bed were very helpful, polite and quick. Can’t ask for more than that! I look forward to going to bed every night and so happy to be back in it when I’ve been away. Nothing beats it.

Donna W

I wanted to thank you for your follow up of my TruEssence Firm foam mattress. I purchased the TruEssence mattress and Simple Life foundation on your website. The whole set up for my mattress set was quick and easy. I have been pleasantly surprised ever since. I was hesitant to order a bed on line, but you made my experience pleasurable. I kept hearing from friends about the benefits of a foam mattress and wanted to try it out for myself. I have constantly struggled to find the right mattress for my semi-active lifestyle. I travel a lot for my job and play a lot of recreational sports. I constantly wake up with lower back on my old mattress at home and also when sleeping in many hotel rooms. I hated my old mattress and wanted something better. I wanted a mattress I could rely on for comfort and support as well as give me a good nightÍs rest. I write you today as a “happy sleeper”. Since I purchased your TruEssence foam mattress, I wake up mornings without back pain and rested. I love the firmness of the model I bought and the support I feel every night I jump into bed. I feel the support right away and can comfortable go to sleep. The lack of partner disturbance is also nice. I noticed how the mattress as a whole did not move when either one of us got out of bed. Thanks again for your A plus service and quick delivery. I will suggest your product to my family and friends.

John N

These mattress and the adjustable base are AMAZING. After years of struggling with lower back pains and numerous visits to physical therapist, chiropractors, and even steroid injections, I believe I have found a solution. I wake up feeling much better every morning and most recently worked out, and played 18 holes of golf all in one day. Woke up the next morning feeling GREAT. Haven’t felt like this for years. I highly recommend Pure Crafted Beds. It’s a MUST HAVE.

Minh T

From the ease of ordering, to the quick shipping and easy set-up, the entire shopping experience was great.  Not to mention the high quality craftsmanship and the restful nights my new bed is providing.  I couldn’t be happier or more satisfied with my new bed.  I highly recommend this bed, 5 stars!!

Jack W

Just to show you we’re not all “sunshine and roses”, here is a great (and thorough) review from Keith C.  He offered us some criticism along with some praise, and we take both very seriously.  Rest assured we have made changes to address the issues Keith brought to our attention!

Prior to purchasing the TruEssence plush mattress, I did extensive research on every brand of foam mattress, customer reviews and comparative analysis of foam quality. After determining the quality of foam in the TruEssence mattress was the best for the price point, I emailed Greg to see if it it was possible for us to come out and try the mattresses in person.  While I got no response to my email for quite a while, Greg was great when he finally contacted me. He drove from his home far away to the Lansing store, and set up the two versions of the TruEssence mattress (plush and firm) for my wife and I to try. When we arrived, we met Greg, his and his father Bill (the founder’s son and owner) and Greg’s son, who were very helpful and did not pressure us. We bought the plush mattress and box spring which arrived 3 days later. The set up was easy. The mattress is comfortable–far more so than the Tempurpedics we tried out last year. The mattress has not transformed my sleep, and it is a touch soft for me (it is ideal for my wife), but it is well constucted, much more comfortable than the Serta mattress we were replacing, and there is very little odor or off-gassing. Overall, if you are looking for a high quality foam mattress from a small family company with pride in craftsmanship, this is the bed for you. I would rate it 4.5 overall, and am rounding up to 5 because of Greg’s exceptional customer service. I have three suggestions that would make a very fine product and company even better. First, the edge comfort needs work. When one sits on the bed edge, it sags and could use firming up. Second, I recommend offering a 3rd comfort level option for the TruEssence, midway between plush and firm. Third, is improved response to email. Both in person and by phone – customer service cannot be beat.  The owner, son, and daughter are all professional and personable and get back to you promptly if not available. Yet, email communications are often not responded to quickly, and when on vacation, there is no out of office email alert. The owner, Bill, did not respond to any of my emails – even my thank you note. Had I not visited the company, I would not have known how excellent the customer service actually was. Since email is often first contact, ensuring timely email response will resolve the only weak customer service link. In sum, this is a very high quality company, with an honorable family and high quality standards standing behind the product. Highly recommended.

Keith C